Welding accessories solder paste flux

                      Welding accessories solder paste welding fluxSJ501 Welding Flux GB / T 5293 F5A0-H08AAWS A5.17 F7A0-EL12Product informationAluminum titanium sintered fluxAlkalinity: 0.7Particle size: 10-60 meshLoose ratio: 1.4g / cm3Current polarity: DC reverse co

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                      Welding accessories solder paste welding flux

SJ501 Welding Flux 
GB / T 5293 F5A0-H08A
AWS A5.17 F7A0-EL12

Product information
Aluminum titanium sintered flux
Alkalinity: 0.7
Particle size: 10-60 mesh
Loose ratio: 1.4g / cm3
Current polarity: DC reverse connection or AC

The flux is acid flux, Si and Mn transition into the weld, not sensitive to a small amount of rust and oxide scale,

strong resistance to porosity.The weld is beautifully shaped and has excellent slag removal performance,

especially suitable for high-speed welding of double-wire and multi-wire fillet welds

It has excellent welding performance, stable arc burning, and the maximum welding current can reach 1000A
With suitable welding wire, it can weld low carbon steel, low alloy steel and heat resistant steel, and is used for welding ships, boilers and pressure vessels.

Bake flux at 300-350 ° C (572-662 ° F) for 60 minutes before use
Add new flux regularly to prevent flux defects and bad bead surface formation when reusing the flux

Package style
25Kg / bag, 25Kg / drum, 400Kg / ton bag
For other packaging forms, please contact us

The Chemical Composition

The Mechanical properties 
Tensile strength
Yield Strength
Impact value
550480290ºC- -20ºC63-37

(1) The appearance of the weld bead is smooth and beautiful, and the weld slag peelability is good.
(2) It has good applicability to rust, and has excellent porosity resistance.
(3) Unipolar, bipolar, AC and DC power supplies are universal.
(4) Suitable for butt joint and fillet welding of general structural parts.

Welding Accessories Solder Paste Welding Flux
Welding Accessories Solder Paste Welding Flux


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