Jgh-886 solder paste mixer with free 1/2 bottle of 500g solder

JGH-886 Solder Paste Mixer with 1/2 bottles 500g SolderModel: JHG886Machine weight: 30 KGCertification:CE CertificateWarranty Time: 1 yearThe machine size: (L)400 * (W)400 * (H)440 mmPower Consumption: 40 WMotor Model: New Panasonic 40 W ac motorInput Voltage: 220 V/110 VWork Ability: Mix 1 bottle or 2&n

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JGH-886 Solder Paste Mixer with 1/2 bottles 500g Solder

Model: JHG886
Machine weight: 30 KG
Certification:CE Certificate
Warranty Time: 1 year
The machine size: (L)400 * (W)400 * (H)440 mm
Power Consumption: 40 W
Motor Model: New Panasonic 40 W ac motor
Input Voltage: 220 V/110 V
Work Ability: Mix 1 bottle or 2 bottles of 500 g solder paste at the same time
Motor Speed:1350 RPM
Revolution Speed: 500 RPM
Rotation Speed: 200 RPM
Delivery time: 1 day

Jgh-886 Solder Paste Mixer with Free 1/2 Bottles 500g Solder
Jgh-886 Solder Paste Mixer with Free 1/2 Bottles 500g Solder

Panasonic nozzle part number :
CM402 110 Nozzle KXFX0383A00
CM402 115A Nozzle KXFX037NA00
CM402 120 Nozzle KXFX037NA00
CM402 130 Nozzle KXFX037NA00
CM402 140 NozzleKXFX037NA00
CM402 450 Nozzle KXFX037NA00
CM402 161 NozzleKXFX037NA00
CM402 206 Nozzle KXFX037NA00
CM402 225C Nozzle KXFX037NA00
CM402 226C Nozzle KXFX037NA00
CM402 230C Nozzle KXFX037NA00
CM402 235C Nozzle KXFX037NA00
CM402 240C NozzleKXFX037NA00
CM602 110S Nozzle KXFX037NA00
CM602 115AS NozzleKXFX037NA00
CM602 120S NozzleN610017373AC
CM602 130S NozzleN610017375AC
CM602 140S NozzleKXFX0386A00
CM602 205S NozzleN610017370AC
CM602 206AS Nozzle N610017373AC
CM602 225CS NozzleN610017373AC
Jgh-886 Solder Paste Mixer with Free 1/2 Bottles 500g Solder

Fuji NXT H08M 10.0 Nozzle AA8MB06 
Fuji NXT H08M 5.0G Nozzle AA8MG05 R19-050G-155-M 
Fuji NXT H08M 7.0G Nozzle AA8MH05 
Fuji NXT H08M 1.8M Nozzle AA8MR04 R19-018M-155-M 
Fuji NXT H04S 1.0 Nozzle AA8WT08 
Fuji NXT H04S 2.5 Nozzle AA8WX08 
Fuji NXT H04S 2.5G Nozzle AA8XA07 
Fuji NXT H04S 3.75G Nozzle AA8XB07 
Fuji NXT H04S 5.0G Nozzle AA8XC07  
Fuji NXT H04S 7.0G Nozzle AA8XD08 
Fuji NXT H04S 15.0G Nozzle AA8XF06 
Fuji NXT HO8 H12 2.5 Nozzle R07-025-070 AA20C07  
Fuji NXT H08 H12 3.75 Nozzle R07-037-070 AA20D07 
FUJI NXTII H12S Nozzle Holder AA30A00 
FUJI NXTII H12S Nozzle Holder AA30A00 
Fuji NXT H04S 3.7 Nozzle AA93W07 
Fuji NXT H04S 5.0 Nozzle AA93X07 
Fuji NXT H04S 7.0 Nozzle AA93Y09 
Fuji NXT H08 H12 0.7 Nozzle R07-007-070 AA05707 
Fuji NXT H08 H12 1.0 Nozzle R07-010-070 AA05807 
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Fuji NXT H01 1.3 Nozzle R36-013-260 AA06807 
Fuji NXT H01 5.0G Nozzle R36-050G-260 AA07209 
Fuji NXT H01 10.0G Nozzle R36-100G-260 AA07410 
Fuji NXT H01 15.0 Nozzle AA08207 
Fuji NXT H01 3.7G Nozzle R36-037G-260 AA08509 
Fuji XP141 2.5 Nozzle ADEPN8060 
Jgh-886 Solder Paste Mixer with Free 1/2 Bottles 500g Solder

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Jgh-886 Solder Paste Mixer with Free 1/2 Bottles 500g Solder


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